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Your expert in photovoltaic systmes and special solutions at plant manufacturing

Building of photovoltaic systems:
small, large or greenfield

Construction of photovoltaic systems: large, small or green field

We build photovoltaic systems in various sizes and kinds. Whether the system is to be mounted on a private roof, industry buildungs or in the green field, together we are able to find the perfect solution for your requirements.

Remodeling, renovating and renewing

Remodelling, Renovation and Renewal

It is often also a good idea to renew or stabilize an installed system. As proficient engineers in renewable energy systems, we are your partner in realizing these projects.

Reports, factory acceptance reports and consulting

Expert opinion, factory acceptance and consulting

We offer expert opinion on court or insurance cases, whether a private or a commercial invester is interesed in renewable energy. We also prepare factory acceptances and consult you in questions regarding process optimization and renewable energy systems.

E-mobility and Batterysolutions

E-mobility and battery solutions

In themes like e-mobility and battery storage systems we are a leading company in linking these with photovoltaic systems. Our expertise extends to island-systems as well as self-sufficient systems.

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